The Advantages of converting a WordPress website to a mobile app:

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Technology is developing at a dizzying rate. You probably wouldn’t have believed someone twenty years ago if they had told you that you could use a little portable gadget to book a trip or hail a taxi. In this technological growth, mobile applications have been a significant turning point that has completely changed how businesses communicate with their customers. Here are three important reasons why every WordPress website needs an app in addition to quick loading times:


 Because more people than ever are using smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, responsive site design is essential. Nevertheless, These websites fail to offer the same level of mobile-friendly User Experience (UX) as native apps.


Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you would think to convert wordpress site to mobile app. You can rapidly and affordably give your users an excellent mobile experience with the aid of the proper plugin.


A significant portion of users is accessing your website through mobile devices, as can be seen, if you look at your website traffic in Google Analytics.

Making your website mobile responsive is the simplest approach to guarantee that consumers on mobile devices have a positive experience.

Reasons to Convert wordpress to mobile app:

1. Enhancing routines and digital interactions:


Research after research has demonstrated that users are far more likely to frequently use an app than a browser-based website. Approximately nine times more likely, to be precise. Even for the same objective, over 90% of poll participants stated that they would rather use an app than a website. These figures indicate a significant change in how individuals engage with and utilize technology in their daily lives. Upon combining the advancements in artificial intelligence, internet penetration and speed, and data analytics, you end up with a very quick personalization of services, which also happens to be the second advantage.

2. A customised experience:


Mobile apps can be customized based on personal preferences. The end-user can change everything, including the profile settings, notifications, color schemes, and design. As a result, the experience becomes more tailored to each user, hooking them in. Additionally, the purpose of mobile apps is to gather user data and information. 


Apart from obtaining contact details, they have the ability to collect data on user involvement, location, purchasing interests, and more. Apps then make use of this data to display adverts, recommendations, and other user-specific content that is pertinent, current, and personalized. We may anticipate further customization of the goods and services on offer as tools and systems get smarter at sorting through user data. 

3. Increased interaction with users:


Think about this: the average mobile phone user spends 14% of their time on webpages and 86% of their time on mobile apps. Mobile applications are specifically made to offer a smooth experience to consumers. More significantly, though, users are interacting with apps far more efficiently as a result of how simple it is to send notifications through mobile apps.


 Compare a dynamic shopping app that just notified you of a massive bargain that is good till midnight with a static website that you have bookmarked on your browser. Which one do you think you’ll open first to learn more about the offer? The necessity to work outside of an app to complete a task will decrease as technology advances. For example, the incorporation of chatbots into Messenger and other applications has led to users spending more time in the app, conversing and posing questions—tasks that were previously completed via phone or email. Thus, developing e-commerce apps is a feasible choice for a lot of companies.


Conclusion: Already, mobile apps have changed how we regularly use technology and engage with each other. In reality, a lot of companies these days choose the “app-only” approach, in which their mobile app serves as their primary digital presence. If you’re still in need of more justification for turning your WordPress website into a mobile app, get in contact with AppMySite to discover the many further advantages.

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