Vehicle Safety Features: How to optimize safety on the roads of Dubai

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As a Dubai’s driver you understand the moments of the time when safety is an issue on the road gets along with many other vehicles. With increased use of advanced safety extras and facilities manufacturers are putting at your disposal the tools which you cannot only use but choose from different pool to increase protection level. In the upcoming article hereby we will find out the innovative technologies that are shaping the roads of the present days to safer places; and how to benefit from such developments. A technology, as from sensing to the collision preventer section, to the cabin the injury litigators feature, present day vehicles are created with leading technologies systems. Our session will cover rate features to be prioritized and what way abuse safety systems during your daily driving. By understanding the technical measures these skilled technicians have implemented, you can do so with confidence and no worries. Be it that you currently own a vehicle or not, this article is aimed to guide you through your choices as you make every step in the right direction for ultimate well-being on the roads of Dubai.

Major Safety Features of Cars of Dubai’s Roads

the safety of roads in Dubai can be compromised at times due to a high volume of traffic and road collisions. As the main driver in Dubai, you should know that the safety issue is the most important one. 

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

This way, the driver is still able to steer the vehicle while at the same time taking active measures to ensure the car does not skid. ABS is very effective for traveling in Dubai crowded roads and preventing accidents, which can be dangerous if the driver suddenly needs to apply urgent brakes.


A variety of airbags – the frontal one, a side curtain one and seat-mounted ones among them – help you to avoid direct contact with the interior of the vehicle in case of collision. Airbags inflate and cushion a sudden impact so as to minimize damage that may occur. Make sure that the car you choose has ‘airbags both for the front and rear seating positions’ for the best protection.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is based on the advancement of sensors, which enable it to sense when a driver has lost steering control and automatically gives braking to individual wheels returning the vehicle to balance. ESC saves drivers from rolling off and road edge running by maintaining the road control on the curves especially the Dubai’s winds Desert highways.

Seat Belts

the seat belt is, undoubtedly, the most prevalent safety feature in most of the vehicles used worldwide. In a crash seat belts fend off occupants secured, keeping them within the car. They not only protect from direct impacts but also reduce the strength of the injuries when a crash occurs. The best way will be for both the driver and all the passengers of the vehicle to put on a lap and shoulder seatbelt each.

Shopping for a car that comes equip with these basic safety actives such as ABS, multiple airbags, ESC and seat belts will give you driving courage in Dubai roads. These features serve as the backup in cases when additional protection can be needed on road or in emergency situation. Learning how to drive safely is of great importance for anyone living in or around Dubai. Contacting services of a monthly driver in Dubai is a good idea to obtain additional recommendations and tips on how to avoid road accidents.

Recommended car maintenance for driving safety

It is important to keep your equipment well maintained as illustrated above. For drivers repair services comprise mileage and time-based interval checks of critical components including brakes, tires, fluid, and lights. Tires that have got good insulation and treads provide a better grip to the steering, breaking, and stability of the vehicle. Tires which tear off, come away or have any kind of damage could result in any loss of control or collision. Pad brake and rotors should also be new or in good condition to have full ability to the car to slow down and stop if needed. Keep in mind that it is necessary to monitor the brake fluid levels often, and once the pads become thin just replace them.

When the filters are overdue or replacements are in order, changing theirs will eliminate buildup and also make your engine run well. No one has a doubt that the words ‘to spare a dollar is better than a thousand to cure’, meaning to spend a little now to avoid future repair costs and even costly law suits is always a better option. A friendly service station should be your best bet for max proper maintenance. A professional must involve. Besides them having the necessary skillful knowledge and equipment to do a rather good assessment of your vehicle’s state, they can also explore the extent of the problems. It is your life and as well as other people’s that are vitally important, the secret is the performance of your car. No risk to hinder your peace of mind with poor and cost-depriving parts. The embracement of responsible car maintenance by all safe drivers Dubai is indisputably one of the keys to the sustainable solution for the traffic safety issue in the Emirate. One of the most crucial things you should do as a new car driver is to make sure that you have all the fluids needed for a well-running car.


In conclusion, though you will experience Dubai’s the traffic like driving in a zoo when in a hurry, safety considerations will enable you to get to your destination. Assess the existing vehicle’s safety technology and consider balancing its current performance with enhancements in the security level you attain. Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention. Don’t distract. Opting for higher driver training remains ideal and helps you to brush up on your driving skills. Moreover, remind yourself that the course you choose to be on will not only have consequences on you but well, for other road users as well. One of your goals at the end of the day is to make Dubai a safer place for all, not just the few vehicle owners. United, we can achieve the lofty objective of making the streets of the emirate even safer for brothers and sisters alike to commute and visit.



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