Which Results on the AP Test Are Accepted by Colleges?

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A number of colleges in the U.S. recognize AP Exam scores to award college credit and advanced admission for students. But, each school has its own requirements to select students. Some colleges will accept the AP scores of three and some require a 5. If you’re getting ready for your AP exam, you need to understand the AP test score you’ll require to be able to obtain advanced placement and credits at universities all over the U.S. and which colleges will accept the scores.

What Are Advanced Placement and Credit?

The primary reason for taking AP Dubai is to earn advanced courses and placement in colleges that score high scores on AP tests. If you score a 3, 4 or 5 on an AP test, many colleges will give you the opportunity to skip beginning courses in the first year of your college. In accordance with your AP score, some colleges may provide you with “advanced placement” into higher levels of courses, by avoiding the basic ones. If you have a high AP rating, you could be eligible for college credits. These credits are a method to acknowledge that you’ve achieved proficiency in the introductory or core classes that are necessary for graduation. Credits you receive from your AP exam results are counted towards the total number of credits needed to be able to graduate from college.

A lot of colleges offer advanced placement and college credits with a high AP score (3 or more). Some schools, however, provide either college or placement credit. If you’re seeking credit or placement in exchange for AP test scores ensure that the institutions and colleges that you are interested in accept this Advanced Placement (r) program. Keep in mind that the guidelines for the acceptance of credit or placement on APexam scores differ from one institution to institutions.

Which Colleges Offer Advanced Placement and Credit for AP Scores?

Each college has its individual AP policies on credit, placement and other criteria which specifies an acceptable AP score needed to earn credits and/or a place on an exam, as well as the amount of credit that is awarded to the test or course.

In some schools, AP scores can be converted directly into credit hours. In other schools you can use your AP test scores to enable you to be granted an exemption from specific course requirements, even if they don’t give you real college credit. Certain colleges, such as LSU provide credit and placement in exchange for AP scores. This College Board (r)‘s Credit for AP Policy Search provides you with complete information about these rules; however, always remember to verify the details directly with your potential colleges.

What Score Do You Need for Each AP Course?

Institutions generally accept a score of 4 or five on an AP test, however some may grant credit or a place for an AP score of 3. These scores mean that you’re qualified to take an entry-level college course. However, in most colleges you’ll notice there are different score prerequisites for different courses. Some colleges will allow a 3 for AP Statistics but a 5 in AP English Language. It is therefore essential to conduct an investigation into your school’s AP policies before the deadline.

Here is an example table that outlines the likelihood that a school will be willing to accept AP credits and/or a placement in the corresponding tests (irrespective of the subject).

AP Test Score

College Course Grade Equivalent

Probability of AP Credit Being Applied


Highly qualified




Well qualified

A-, B+, B




B-, C+, C



Perhaps qualified


Very Rarely


Not qualified




With a myriad of colleges to pick from, it’s recommended to narrow down some colleges you are interested in prior to preparing for admissions. If you’re interested in finding out how to get an A4 or 5 – on your AP examinations and are looking for a study guide, our AP Exam Review Guide will help you. Best of luck and have fun studying!

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