Food in Train: Improving Your Trip

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Traveling by train can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but when hunger strikes during a long journey, finding delicious and satisfying food can sometimes be a challenge. However, with the advent of modern technology and improved services, ordering Food in Train has become easier than ever before.

Benefits of Ordering Food in Train


One of the primary benefits of ordering food in train is the convenience it offers to passengers. Instead of relying solely on the limited options available at railway stations or onboard catering, passengers can now choose from a wide variety of cuisines and dishes to suit their preferences.


Gone are the days of settling for bland and repetitive train food. With online food delivery platforms specializing in train catering, passengers can enjoy a diverse range of culinary delights, including regional specialties and international cuisines.


Quality is paramount when it comes to food, especially during travel. By ordering food from reputable platforms, passengers can rest assured that they are receiving fresh, hygienic, and delicious meals prepared with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Popular Platforms for Ordering Food in Train

Several platforms cater to the growing demand for food delivery in trains. Some of the most popular ones include IRCTC eCatering, TravelKhana, and RailRestro. These platforms offer a user-friendly interface, prompt delivery, and a wide selection of restaurants to choose from.

How to Order Food in Train

Ordering food in train is a simple process that can be done online or over the phone. Passengers can browse through the menu of their preferred restaurant, select their desired items, and place their order with just a few clicks or a phone call.

Tips for Ordering Food in Train

To ensure a seamless dining experience during your train journey, consider the following tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Place your food order well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Check Reviews: Read reviews and ratings of restaurants to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Consider Dietary Restrictions: If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, communicate them clearly while placing your order.

Safety and Hygiene Concerns

In light of the ongoing pandemic, safety and hygiene have become top priorities for travelers. Food delivery platforms adhere to strict hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of their customers. Meals are prepared in sanitized kitchens and packaged securely to minimize the risk of contamination.

Cost Comparison with Onboard Catering

While onboard catering is an option, it often comes with limited choices and inflated prices. Ordering food from external vendors can be more cost-effective and offers a wider selection of meals at competitive prices.

Special Dietary Options

Food delivery platforms cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Jain options. Passengers with specific dietary requirements can easily find suitable meals to enjoy during their journey.

Environmental Impact

Ordering food in train can also have environmental benefits by reducing food wastage. By ordering only what they need, passengers can minimize leftover food, contributing to a more sustainable travel experience.


In conclusion, ordering train food offers numerous benefits, including convenience, variety, and quality. With the availability of online food delivery platforms, passengers can enjoy delicious meals tailored to their preferences without compromising on taste or hygiene.



  1. Can I order food in train for a short journey?
    • Yes, you can order food in train for both short and long journeys.
  2. Are there options available for passengers with dietary restrictions?
    • Absolutely! Most food delivery platforms offer special dietary options to cater to various requirements.
  3. How far in advance should I place my food order?
    • It’s advisable to place your food order at least a few hours before your scheduled journey.
  4. Is ordering food in train more expensive than onboard catering?
    • Not necessarily. In many cases, ordering food from external vendors can be more cost-effective.
  5. Are the meals delivered in eco-friendly packaging?
    • Yes, food delivery platforms prioritize sustainability and often use eco-friendly packaging materials 

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